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the easiest way to five figure months

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How to Build IRRESISTIBLE 6-figure deals, Pitch them, and close them with confidence

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Live Q/As are every held every Thursday from 12pm - 1:30pm CST

In fact, you've been feeling burnt out - ready to throw in the towel.

And for a while, you were fine with it. You did the work. You showed up, built your list, the lead magnet, the funnel, posted on social and executed every connection effort in the book. And yet, even after that huge investment of time and energy, you are nowhere near the revenue goal you've set for yourself this year.

You Hopped on The  hamsterwheel of senseless Hustle

afraid to lose them

You're beginning to realize a thriving business is one that has stability. Not just for its sake. But for yours too.

There is definitely mindset work that needs to happen. You know that. But how can you focus on that when you are behind in life?

If you could just find a way to spark the flame of your business and manage to leave it on long enough to sustain... You'd be in a different space. . . It's not like you are afraid of investing in yourself, your skills, and doing the hard work. 

But right now, you're in an awkward place. You are an expert but the clients in your roster continue to undermine you, and your bank is on a rollercoaster from hell. One month it sees multiple deposits and the next you barely have enough to pay your VA. 

Meanwhile, your current clients are driving you nuts. They want the yacht version of your attention and yet they have a kayak budget. Even so, you do your best. You try to focus on your lead gen but can't help but wonder how others manage to make 20k in 30 days with so much ease. And between you and me, you know that you probably do better work, with more tangible results than they do. Now, if only your current clients could realize that they have a Ferrari parked in their garage, am I right? Still, you somehow have to manage the rent, the groceries, bills... The ugly truth is that right now you're afraid of losing them, even if your accountant tells you that you're literally losing money by working with them. 

One month you generate close to 10k and the next you barely make ends meet.

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The answer is simple: You need to price your services at a premium and find top-shelf clients that are more than able and willing to pay you for the results you generate. Word of mouth and referrals are not enough to build a sustainable business that holds you down, you need a practical yet scalable system that you can rely on. Clients come and go, but what if you could easily and successfully hunt for BIG GAME and feed your family and your business for months, like the apex huntress you know you are?

From INCONSISTENCY to Predictable Deposits every month.

It's time to change the tune of your revenue

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sound impossible?

It's reliable and predictable and as easy as going to the gas station and filling your gas tank up. 

You get the best qualified leads ever because this system hyper targets the perfect client.

It's cost effective unlike media buying where you have to cast a wide net to generate leads.

E.O.P works because it relies on Your limited amount of energy and time Plus:

You've done a lot of work around "making connections", but you need a faster way to bring in bigger clients.  I'm not going to sit here and throw rocks at DMing, or posting on social media every day, and Facebook™ Ads or funnels... There's a time in business for all of that. But I personally know, that when the clock is ticking against you, and desperation sets in, all you wish for is a straight forward way to get in front of more clients.

Master lead acquisition

You have the skills.
 All you need to do now is...

– Yi Jin

Your strategies have helped our company go from $8k days to generating over $75mil in annual revenue. All through account based marketing and selling and then executing the webinars. We feel confident in our future. 


– TAM I.

This program is not just teaching me how to generate leads effectively - it's also giving me the clarity I need to look at my business like a legitimate entity instead of a dream. 


kind words

I built a half-a-million dollar business on my terms because -- truth be told, I was being run down by difficult clients and the roller coaster of being fully booked one month and losing big chunks of the income I relied on the next.

As a mom and someone who just wants to live her life on her own terms, I knew I needed a reliable strategy that if I executed it properly I could count on to bring me results in my business quickly. Bills don't stop coming in because your biggest client decided to not renew the contract, right? 

I learned the techniques I'm going to share with you in this program by sheer luck, trial and error.

I’m Emely. Fractional CMO and Business Coach.

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Get ready for things to finally change!

This is not a get rich quick promise or scheme. I am giving you the keys to a machine that has the ability - if done properly, to close you an additional 400k in annual revenue in just 12 days. It happened to me.

It's not rocket science either. Anyone can do it! In fact, after you master this strategy, I recommend you grab your VA and teach it to her so you can scale this to the moon. And who knows? Maybe even sell this as one of your premium services. It doesn't matter to me... What matters to me, is that you...

change is possible.

but nothing I've done is something that you can't do too. 

I know it sounds to good to be true.

OK I'm IN, Let's GO!

How to confidently close six-figure deals and get paid your first big check before starting work

How to use the hyper-targeting method to get in contact with premium clients that are willing to pay your six-figure contracts

How to trade your expertise for... equity. And still, get paid for your services

How to become indispensable for top-shelf client accounts

How to build irresistible enterprise offers (six-figure deals with 6-12 months contracts)


The step-by-step framework few successful online service based business owners ever want to share with you. They don't need to. They are too busy making bank to spend their time to teach you how to be truly successful in this game. But I am going to share it all with you!

This Course Includes

the course includes —

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I'll give you a bird's eye view of the entire framework and then after you understand the potential of this machine, we will dive deep into each phase so that by the end of the program you have a clear mastery of the Enterprise Offer Strategy. 

Part 1


I will show you how you already have an Enterprise-level offer in your business. It's just a matter of recalibrating your current offerings and positioning them for success. We will also cover the quickest way to overcome any mindset blocks you have around pricing your offer at 10k per month or more. 

Part II


Along with an easy-to-follow manual, I will give you all the nuts and bolts that you need to put together your very own E.O.P Machine. In the next 30 to 60 days, you will have calls booked in your calendar, and closed your first premium deal. What could you do with an extra 5k-10k a month client?

Chapter III


I am also giving you bite-sized tutorials for the tech tools that we will use to scale your business. These tutorials are easy to follow and will also give you a sneak peek to what a scaled out E.O.P machine looks like. Imagine, reaching out to 50-100, highly qualified leads per week. Could you close 1 out 100 leads per week? 

Part IV

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Bonus #1: For a limited time: Get live Q/As with me for 2 weeks.
Bonus #2: For a limited time: The first 10 people that sign up will get their 50 top-shelf leads from me. 
Bonus #3: For a limited time: The first 10 people that sign up will get a 1 hour VIP coaching session with me to come up with the enterprise offer of their business.

Oh, and let's not forget the bonuses...

• Give you the financial freedom you desire
• Help you transform into a lead acquisition master
• Help you to never again be in scarcity mindset, even if you lose your biggest client tomorrow
• Deliver to you thousands of super qualified leads ready for you to reach out to
• Help you reach new heights in your business and take the Lion's Share in your industry.

WHAT IF Investing in this program COULD:

on the fence?

On the fence about this course?

This is for You If

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Nuts and Bolts (Templates, Framework Overview, SOPs and more)

360° Support: 10 monthly 1:1 support (first come, first serve basis), weekly live Q/As + private FB group with office hours

Self study materials: mini tech tutorials, walkthroughs, and workshops plus access to Q/A replays

This is the enteRprise offers PrograM:

How it Works

Live Q/As are every held every Thursday from 12pm - 1:30pm CST

what people are saying 

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– Dan Z.

Through your coaching, our company has been able to go from $1000 months to 250k in less than 8 months all through paid ads. Thanks to your marketing strategy we are now ready for funding. 

from $1000 months to 250k in less than 8 months.” 

kind words

on to the next

– Alexis

You helped me take my business to new heights in just 30 days of working with you. I wish I had found you sooner so that I could have saved money and time to get to my revenue goals faster.

Wish I found you sooner” 

kind words

on to the next

– Shameca

Working with Emely and learning her sales strategies this  helped me get my business fully booked out for the month.

Your sales strategies got me fully booked." 

kind words

Discover how to build a scalable system and manage your sales like a legitimate business and not an overhyped freelancing gig.

Scalable Potential

Learn to build highly attractive offers that complete strangers will drool over. 

Offer Creation

Learn how to generate and reach out to thousands of highly qualified leads for your business.

Hyper Targeting

Many successful B2B businesses use what I am going to teach you to build certainty in their annual revenue without relying on the things you've been told to do. Multi-million dollar companies execute an omni-channel sales strategy that can be adapted for your own business to attract high caliber clients that value your expertise and pay you accordingly. This is the strategy that you will walk away with when you invest in E.O.P.

Will This Course Teach Me?

okay, but what exactly

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we know it sounds to good to be true.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now and take advantage of the 2 bonuses plus my 60-day money back guarantee. The bonuses are for limited time only. If you have any questions on this program and need further clarification email me at

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, but there's a slight caveat. I stand by this product 100% but I am still fine tuning it. That's why I am offering weekly Q/As (for now) and also why the price is so dang low! If you don't get a client in 60 days and you can prove that you attended Q/As at least 3 times and applied all of the work in this program I will give you your money back. 

This course is not a good fit for beginners. You must have already sold your services multiple times and actually delivered results. You can't sell something for 5-figures per month without delivering on your product or service. If you are 2 years in, you should be good to go. Now if you are planning on using this strategy to charge 2k that's okay too. 

This is good for any online service provider that offers B2B services. Photographers, Branding Experts, Web Designers, Social Media Managers, Media Buyers, Graphic Designers, OBMs, etc. 

The entire theory will take 2 weeks for you to go through. To start seeing results, it can happen in as little as 15 days but expect to get a client within 30-60 days. That's more or less the standard. 

The cohorts start every Thursday. I suggest that you attend at least 2 Q/As as these live Q/As sessions are not part of the main offer they are just bonuses available for a limited time only.  The lives occur at 12:00pm - 1:30pm CST and they are recorded for replay availability. You also have access to a private FB group where you can get additional support from me during office hours.

– Shanterria

Emely helped me build a product that basically sells itself, and launch it. We hit 6 figures and now is the launchpad for many other high-ticket items I offer in my coaching business.

“Six Figure Launch” 

– Michele Lawrence

Emely and The Foundry are more than just a company they are a ministry! If you're looking for marketing solutions full of integrity. Look no further. 


kind words


All the materials, the videos, and tutorials plus live Q/A sessions every week on Thursday.
BONUS: For the first 10 to sign up I will hand you your first 50 leads for free. 

3 Payment Plan



Payment Plan

If you don't get a client within 60 days of purchasing this program and you can show screenshots and proof that you executed this program properly I will refund you 100%.

100% Money Back Guarantee

All the materials, the videos, and tutorials plus live Q/A sessions every week on Thursday.
BONUS: For the first 10 to sign up I will hand you  your first 50 leads for free. 





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