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I've had countless, sleepless nights trying to find the secret ingredient to success. I've spent tens of thousands of dollars on coaching, mentorships, masterminds, courses, and a couple hundred thousand dollars breaking things in my business, until I realized that I already had everything I needed. I just needed to frame things in the right order. The "Order Of Things" is the missing piece in your business. 

We offer frameworks for each step of your journey. I recommend that you start with lead acquisition first because you want to be able to create consistency in your finances so that you can expand faster.

You've read the books, listened to the podcasts & watched all the free trainings... 

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The Micro Firm Accelerator™️ is a 9-week business mentorship program for online service based entrepreneurs, that guarantees a brand new, turn-key Micro Firm. Receive world-class mentorship and resources that will support you while you scale your service-based business to high six-figures and beyond.

Micro Firm Accelerator

9 week group coaching program —


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Learn 1 out of 2 techniques that I use to have a consistent flow of leads into my service-based business without using Facebook Ads, posting Reels or TikToks every day, lead magnets, funnels, etc. Not only will you walk away with the entire strategy laid out for your business, you get a toolkit packed with valuable templates, swipe files, a GIG directory, and mini-trainings.

Prospect Pathfinder

Client Acquisition 101 —


The details

My 12 month group mastermind program is for the business woman ready to claim the Lion's Share of her industry. Leverage a unique network of high performing entrepreneurs, weekly coaching calls, 2 retreats a year, all-inclusive access to my entire course collection, 1:1 support, and the promise of transforming your business into a Wealth enabling machine.

Prominence Mastermind

High level, Timeless Mentorship —

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Want to learn exactly what I use to run this business? Or where I find products that help me balance full time work with motherhood? Just click that link below to check out some of my favorite tools & resources. 

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From iOS updates to increasing ad costs, from marketing during uncertain times to leveraging TikTok - the question remains: What’s working today? 

Join me and other expert disruptors as we discuss the new techniques we are implementing in an array of industries and businesses. We discuss social media, content marketing, Web 3.0, funnels, sales, operations, leadership and so much more. 

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