I am going to show you how I transformed my online business into a highly-profitable, and purpose-driven brand. Shifting my target market and transforming my packages to 5-figure a month corporate contracts & partnerships, provided me the revenue and income stability and consistent growth allowing me the time freedom and financial peace of mind I'd always wanted for me and my family. 

Today, my business grows sustainably and reliably. I have paycheck consistency. I am present in my children's day-to-day lives, I get to travel, enjoy my husband, and unlock a new level of wealth for us.



Attn: Expert, b2B Service-based business owner

How shifting my target market and my retainers to corporate partnerships accelerated my business growth and completely changed my life and allowed me to design a life that creates presence & wealth for my family.

The 3 keys you need to unlock a high six-figure a year service-based business without the senseless hustle.

here's what you'll learn...

The simple framework I use to position myself successfully for these 5 and 6-figure opportunities while still protecting my time-freedom and entrepreneurial values.

The quickest way to find and connect with corporate clients who not only have the budgets in place to afford 5-figure a month contracts, but are actually excited to work with you. 

How to break up with Clients on a shoestring budget

How to "cut the line" for corporate opportunities while still being your own boss

My bullet-proof Client Acquisition Systems

I am showing you under the hood of a premium, half-a-million dollar consulting firm. You don't want to miss this [FREE] training!

If you want to work with clients that have deep pockets + value your expertise, free up your time, hire the A-team + build the systems that will protect you...
Then grab a seat!

Around 45 mins

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be replays?

Yes!  For a limited time.


Yes! Come ready to take notes! 

WHo is this for?

Any expert online service provider entrepreneur in the B2B space.

During my corporate career I realized I was on a hamster wheel to nowhere. I was a top performer, but no matter how much I gave, I wasn't being recognized for my achievements. I felt I had a better chance at success if I bet on myself and started my very own online business. So, I lit a match and burnt the whole cookie-cutter, 9-to-5, ladder-climbing thing down…

I’m Emely. fractional CMO and business coach to women entrepreneurs.

Meet Your Host

And began to build my own table

But growing my now half-a-million dollar a year, boutique marketing firm wasn't a breeze. There were a lot of mistakes and lessons learned along the way. In the process, I noticed that a lot of us followed "experts" that didn't quite align with what our souls yearned for which was: freedom and the ability to pursue our purpose, untangled and without feeling like you're drowning in endless to-dos.

Skip the headaches and let me show you the way!

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