I am going to show you how I transformed my online business into a compact, highly-profitable, and purpose-driven brand… By shifting my target market and transforming my packages to 5-figure a month corporate contracts that provide me revenue and income stability and consistent growth, year over year.

The truth is: 95% of the marketing strategies out there are just "busy work". What I'll be showing you today is not sexy but works, time and time again!


How to get a 500k a year, profitable and compact business that thrives on 3-4 high caliber clients a month.

How shifting my target market and transforming my retainers to corporate clients accelerated my business growth and completely changed my life. 

The 3 keys you need to unlock a high six-figure a year service-based business without the senseless hustle.

here's what you'll learn

The simple framework I use to position myself successfully for these 5 and 6-figure opportunities. 

The quickest way to find and connect with corporate clients who not only have the budgets in place to afford 5-figure a month contracts, but are actually excited to work with you. 

How to break up with broke-@$$ Clients.

How to "cut the line" for corporate opportunities.

My bullet-proof Client Acquisition Systems

I am showing you under the hood of a premium, half-a-million dollar consulting firm. You don't want to miss this [FREE] training!

If you want to work with clients that have deep pockets + value your expertise, free up your time, hire the A-team + build the systems that will protect you...
Then grab a seat!

30 MINS!

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Will there be replays?

Yes!  For a limited time.



WHo is this for?

Any expert online service provider entrepreneur in the B2B space.

During my corporate career I realized I was on a hamster wheel to nowhere. I was a top performer, but no matter how much I gave, I wasn't being recognized for my achievements. I felt I had a better chance at success if I bet on myself and started my very own online business. So, I lit a match and burnt the whole cookie-cutter, 9-to-5, ladder-climbing thing down…

I’m Emely. fractional CMO and business coach to women entrepreneurs.

Meet Your Host

And began to build my own table

But growing my now half-a-million dollar a year, boutique marketing firm wasn't a breeze. There were a lot of mistakes and lessons learned along the way. In the process, I noticed that a lot of us followed "experts" that didn't quite align with what our souls yearned for which was: freedom and the ability to pursue our purpose, untangled and without feeling like you're drowning in endless to-dos.

Skip the headaches and let me show you the way!

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