over 75 premium opportunities curated for you + World-class coNSULTING Sessions

Imagine not having to spend hours searching and combing through the internet for opportunties that actually pay... What my team and I are building is a platform where you get access to referrals, new projects, and new clients, every month. And we don't stop there, we offer you world-class consulting, mentorship, and guidance plus a growing vault of resources that will support your business.

Lucky for you, we're building THE exclusive network & database for you to...

Get Clients — not just any clients though, get the kind that will help you skyrocket your brand!

The M75 Club is a membership platform that offers a growing database of hand-selected opportunities (new ones get loaded every week), consulting sessions, and a monthly resource drop so that you can start or scale your marketing or branding business with reliable support.




You get all of this, for just...

In this course you'll learn;

Juicy Monthly Drops

Get templates, swipe files, and other quick-action resources every month to accelerate your growth with confidence.

Monthly Consulting

World-class consulting from a marketing director with over 12 years of experience and a successful marketing business.

Curated Opportunities

We comb through the internet and look for the most lucrative, exciting, and growth-driven opportunities.

"I've spent tens of thousands of dollars on other coaches and programs and Emely was the first mentor I've had that actually helped me get my first marketing client. I went from zero dollars to $1200 a month, in less than 1 month of working with her. Just do what she says!"


"Emely knows her stuff. I wanted to get into more corporate clients, who can increase my profit margin and she didn't disappoint. She reels me back in when I deviate from my growth plan and helps me regain focus on what's important for the longevity of my business, while still honoring the kind of lifestyle I want to live."


A growing vault of timely resources to grow your business with confidence, world-class consulting sessions with a marketing expert with over a decade of experience, curated opportunities and so much more!

Here's a Sneak Peek:

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Manually curated opps

Monthly Hot Seat Consulting

templates & swipe copy

Hi! I'm Emely

My name is Emely Roman, and I am a Latin American entrepreneur, expert marketer, mother, wife, and mentor to women in marketing. 

I've spent twelve years in business. I grew my career from a business operations analyst to a marketing director, and multi six-figure entrepreneur. 

Today I serve as a fractional marketing director for tech start-ups, and I also mentor women in marketing globally.

Fractional Marketing Director | Mentor to W.I.M.

"I am working on my core offer and I gotta say it's amazing! I have not been showing up with my best skills! I see so many patterns! This is so valuable and eye opening! Now, I am showing up the right way for my business and myself.  "

- Dani Simone

""I wish I would have worked with you before spending 12k on a mastermind. Your processes and frameworks aren't just proven but they are so easy to implement."

- Alexis

"You don't just help us identify and cultivate leads but basically, you give us an accelerated training, coaching, guidance on how to kick start a business!""

- Maria

Frequently asked questions

You get at least 75 high quality opportunities every month. We have organized these opportunities by role (we currently have over a dozen role types in sales, design, marketing and PR) industries, and quarter. We also take requests if you don't see a role. Please watch the video for more info! 

Every third week of the month we open the doors to daily hot-seat sessions that you can sign up for at no additional cost. This is the perfect opportunity to pick my brain about entrepreneurship, business, operations, sales, marketing, how to grow, or how to remove obstacles in your journey.

As the membership continues to grow we will begin to drop even more goodies. For now, you can expect 1 monthly resource drop. This can include templates, marketing or sales tips or hacks, workshops, swipe files, and so much more. We got lots of things planned! 

The monthly fees are non-refundable. However, there is no commitment and you can cancel at any time!

so what do you say?

Ready to get started?

Hand-curated premium opportunities, world-class consulting, and a growing vault of resources.

Over 75+ premium opportunities every month, updates every week!

Exclusive access to my network for internships, referrals, and partnerships.

A growing vault of resources & monthly drops.

Monthly access to Emely for consulting and guidance on growing your business.