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My friend is time to find your people. Peers that understand the late nights, the sinking feeling of losing your biggest client, the dread of having to go look for more clients, the wobbly systems of delivery and most importantly, the fiery desire to build a business that sets them free. We're here. Made up of all shapes, and colors, and navigating this lucrative ocean called marketing. So whether you are just starting or are on your way...

it doesn't have to be that way.

Feel like you quit the rat race to hop on a hamster wheel of senseless hustle?


“I can't believe how much I didn't know! Since working with Emely, we've 5x our annual revenue!”

Amy v.

“Don't wait another minute. You have to work with Emely today! She was a game changer for my business!”

shanterria earley

“Working with Emely helped me launch a high six-figure program.”

Daughter of God. Wife. Mother. Latina Entrepreneur. I am all that + a marketing nerd. I've dissected 1000s of marketing strategies, implemented them for my clients, and for my business. I am currently part of the board of directors for some really cool tech start ups, digital marketing director for others. I've managed to build a business that runs on 20 hours a week and generates over half a million dollars a year. But it wasn't always like this. I had to build the systems, polish my sales skills, and upgrade my marketing results to get here.  

Today, I help women like you build a business that sets them free from the senseless hustle and elevates them to prominence. 

I'm Emely. Fractional CMO and