Emely Roman

RISE Commitment

RISE Challenge

I promise I will show up for you. But I cannot show up more for you than you show up for your own business.

That is why today, I want you to commit to the success of your business.

I want you to commit to showing up in the most effective, ROI-focused way for your business.

I want you to commit to seeing strategies through to the very end without straying away from what has been outlined for you. Why? Because there’s no need for you to make your life harder. Someone already walked through this path and is coming back to grab your hand and pull you through it while avoiding the mishaps, the wrong turns, the time wasters.

I want you to commit to scaling YOU as much as you desire to scale your business. Actually, I want you to focus on scaling YOU even more. Why? Because YOU are the engine of your life.

If you are not taking care of yourself, if you are not loving yourself, if you are not pushing yourself to grow, no one will. And no matter how meaningful your results are on the clients’ side, if you don’t have work ethic, if you are not consistent, if you lose interest when things aren’t going your way, results won’t ever come at the speed that makes you feel proud. Some times, the results may not even come at all.

December 13, 2022





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