Emely Roman

The RISE Workflow

Welcome to the RISE Challenge!

We are so excited that you are taking your time and energy and investing it back into your business.

But I have to let you in on a little secret: I personally don’t like challenges because I’ve always felt like the contents within the challenge are “incomplete”. And let’s be honest, as marketers, we know that challenges are part of the inbound lead-generation ecosystem, but I mean can it be a little bit less obvious, am I right? 

In this post, I want to cover what our 5 days together are going to look like.

You will also discover how unique this challenge is in comparison to the rest of all the other freebies you got collecting dust!

I am a David Goggins fan, so when I thought about these 5 days with you, I originally designed it to become a “bootcamp” style revenue pipeline growth program. Edna’s touch provides a tactful and strategic essence to your experience, so that the challenge itself is balanced yet results-driven at the same time.

Heartbeat & The Marketing Mavens Community

We use a community app called Heartbeat to manage our Marketing Mavens community. I recommend that you sign up for it, in case you haven’t already. One of the most valuable items inside this Challenge is the 1-hour call that happens every day for 5 days! Now this only happens ONCE a month. The other weeks you are left to your own devices, but don’t worry, your “devices” have been curated in such a way that you will get results no matter what! STILL, look at the monthly calendar inside the community, jot down the Rise Week and join the Power Hours. People from all over our community join this challenge to boost their revenue every month plus you also get a feel for what it looks like to be coached by our world-class team.

**Please note that until further notice we are hosting weekly RISE Weeks/Power Hours. 


The Rise Curriculum Page

On the main website, you have access to our RISE Curriculum page. Please bookmark it. Inside this page you will have all the resources you need to be successful inside this challenge, including workbooks, cheatsheets, pitch templates, instructions on how to use and access Heartbeat, exclusive video content, and lastly the $500 MFA voucher.

The 5-Day Planner

December 13, 2022





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