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A voice for Marketers, Freelancers, and Founders.

Whether you are a marketer, freelancer, or founder of an innovative start-up, what keeps you up at night is how to create massive impact with your talents, services, or products and change people's lives while remaining scrappy, sustainable, and scaling intentionally. You are not in the business of overnight, fleeting accomplishments...

For those who seek to impact the world with their gifts.

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It is a known fact, that there are business experts for different seasons of your company. I am not a "peace time" business consultant. I am the person you call when you are ready to launch the initial wave of marketing initiatives, to tell the world about your product, and that your brand is coming to take over a category.

You want to leave a footprint in your industry

Ready for change?

Not just in my fractional marketing director seat, or the consulting I do for women in marketing, and smaller businesses — but also in the expectations I have for those who want to work with me. 

You want to be known for having an exceptional product or service, and being world-class in customer experience. You understand that these are the foundations for longevity—whether you are looking to launch and grow your executive brand, go public, or even sell your company in the coming years. 

Excellence is a non-negotiable. 

Emely Roman & Co. is my little corner on the internet where I provide solutions for change makers, entrepreneurs and founders, and connect them with a community of vetted marketers, freelancers and service providers. But it doesn't stop there, I also equip these professionals with the tools and resources to have meaningful and fruitful partnerships with their clients.

And Business Operations


BRINGING together

12 years of marketing and entrepreneurial experience

- Dani Simone

Now, I am showing up the right way for my business and myself.

REVIEW NO. 1 of 2

- Hailey Barry, deloitte

She is absolutely invaluable as an asset. A brilliant marketing mind.

REVIEW NO. 2 of 2

I used to say that I quit my corporate career, but that's not quite it. Instead, I decided to pursue self-sovereignty, through self-development, refining my skillsets, and serving others. This led me to today, where I navigate enterprise and entrepreneurship and connect other women to do the same. 

"This I know: the favor that brings promotion and power doesn’t come from anywhere on earth, for no one exalts a person but God, the true judge of all. He alone determines where favor rests. He anoints one for greatness and brings another down to his knees." (Psalms 75:6-7)

I reinvented my corporate career
To pursue self-sovereignty.

Ready for change?

I would say I am a bit "anti-guru". I love learning from real-world practitioners and legends of advertising: David Ogilvy, Raymond Rubican, Rosser Reeves, Dan Kennedy, etc. For a while I was very comfortable in my little cave doing "mad scientist" stuff for companies and brands that you may know and love. But, on November of 2019, I decided to step up my game and begin documenting and sharing all the lessons I was learning. Things around building a marketing agency to 100k months, growing Instagram accounts to the tens of thousands of qualified followers, building communities, scaling personal brands, positioning companies for exponential growth and how to navigate it as a woman who was constantly changing.

Reluctant influencer - Community builder

Be HUmble And Always do Good Business


Grow or Die


We seek to please God, and serve people


The objective is the service we provide, money is just the byproducT


the company values /


Get ready for your expectations to be exceedEd

High expectations are the key to absolutely everything.

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I remember there was a point where we had foreclosure notices on our home. I had given birth to my daughter 4 days ago. We were ready to rent the house, or sell it. No furniture. Just the bed on our room. On day 5, I laid my newborn daughter on that naked bed and turned around to my husband and I told him: "I've decided that we will not lose this house, that we will prosper, and that we will give our daughter a different experience than what we did in our childhood. I didn't know it back then, but that decision completely changed our lives, and catapulted me to becoming a voice for marketers, freelancers, and founders.

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