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You want to live differently. For you, there's a sparkly, brand new, definition of success growing inside. You want freedom, you want to reclaim your time, you want to leave a footprint on your community, and a legacy of wealth and self-sovereignty for your loved ones — the vehicle? An executive brand that elevates you into Prominence, where your body of work is respected and in demand. 

women in marketing, freelancers, agency owners

Whether you are just starting out, or are ready to take on stages, or launch your own executive brand — Emely Roman & Co. is a platform where we support your impact through the integration of community, content, consulting, and coaching. Everything you need to start and scale a profitable business is here. 

A Center of Excellence

Iron Sharpens Iron (Prov 27:17)

Get support from peers, be mentored by veteran marketers, get connected and referred to unique opportunities, only available within the community and RISE above the noise of guru marketing. Over here, you are guided by ethical practitioners, who are doing the thing, every day!

What can you expect when working with us:

How to build a business that aligns to your values and desired lifestyle.

My mission is to show women in business that there's more to success than the curated feed on Instagram. Let's pursue peace, joy, and slow living, while being honored for our gifts, our experience, and our talents.

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You are making more than $15,000 per month and are looking to skyrocket an elegant, feminine, and powerful executive brand. This mastermind is accessible by invite only and you must be already part of the Mavens Community.


Micro Firm Accelerator

A 12-month program that unlocks the infrastructure of a half-a-million dollar business that is highly profitable, easy to manage, and aligns with your desired lifestyle. You are making at least $5,000 a month.


Welcome to the ROI Club—a year-round membership, for women in marketing that helps you maximize revenue by strategically timing sales efforts and focusing on direct revenue-generating activities. Scrap that content calendar, let's focus on making money instead.

R.O.I. Club

SIgnature Programs:

One of my students is a master at marketing operations. She came to me with questions on how to best highlight her skills and experience. We worked on her positioning and within less than 6 week she closed a 120k contract with a start up, 100% aligned to her talents, and working less than 25 hours a month.

"I closed the deal! 120k contract and I'm working 25 hours a month!"

Closed a 120k+ Contract


Rhina took a month sabbatical and when she came back she applied our selling and negotiation tactics, and closed a 10k and 15k month respectively. 

"The systems Emely teaches work no matter what season of life and business you're in."


hit 10k a month after a sabbatical

Jia is a powerhouse creative with an entrepreneurial backbone. She came to us with a new business venture. We helped her with her positioning and guided her on revenue growth exercises and tactics and now she is projected to hit her first 100k year in her new business venture. 

"I just realized that I am on the running rate to make 100k this year!"

Went from zero to 100k


Yes, It Really Works