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My team and I host one whole week of workshops, co-working sessions, masterclasses, resources, special events including hot seat coaching sessions free of charge!



You are cordially invited to:

• Open forum, "Salon" Style conversations around marketing, sales, operations, entrepreneurship and how to apply it to real-world challenges.

• Fireside chats with successful six-figure and seven-figure marketing and branding mavens that have claimed their Lion's Share in the industry.

• Co-working sessions, special workshops, and so much more!

WHat happens during Rise Week?

If you ever wanted to cut through the noise from all of these "bro marketers", and get a behind the scenes look at real practitioners, growing their client roster, building their brands, and rocking results—then this is the solution!

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There's a lot of information to sift through when it comes to trying to figure out what is really working in marketing and sales. Almost every day a new platform pops up, an algorithm change impacts your efforts, not to mention the see-saw that IS trying to manage and grow a business. If today you are spending nights scrolling through the internet to answer pressing questions like, are you ready to outsource or how to build marketing teams that successfully achieve the goals you've envisioned for your business or WHAT marketing or sales strategy do you need in order to get there... Well, that's where I come in, delivering practical, no-frills expertise to help you navigate these challenges.

12 years of refining and simplifying strategies to achieve business growth and redefining success.

Distilling Business Growth